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Halloween 2014 – Monarch Butterfly & The Butterfly Catcher!

 This is a little late posting, Peyton wanted to be a Monarch Butterfly for Halloween, so I made a costume that was fancy and still gave that whimsical “butterfly” effect. The pattern I used was actually for a fairy, but I thought it would make a perfect butterfly.  I took an ordinary mask and glued little butterflies on the one side, it gave it that mysterious look.  It turned out beautiful and she loved it, so that’s all that mattered to me 🙂

 The butterfly catcher was pretty simple, I just made the pants and jacket from a pattern I already had, used khaki material and placed various bug appliques all over along with a name tag.  The hat I bought and added the butterflies.  He was the cutest butterfly catcher I ever saw and it was perfect in keeping with the theme of the butterfly 🙂

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The Princess & The Frog 2011

Since I didn’t have this blog last Halloween, I will post the costumes I made anyway….better late than never!  My daughter (who was 3 at the time) was very focused on being a princess for Halloween.  Well my son who was 1 at the time, could care less what he was dressed as, so I decided to create a themed idea.  I found the pattern for a princess which was Simplicity Pattern #2569 C, and for my son, I decided to make him a frog costume, for you guessed it…..The Princess and The Frog!  I used Simplicity Pattern #3594 B.  I was very pleased in how they turned out and they looked great!  My mind is spinning as I write this, on what theme I will do this year!